About Brad Korb

Meet The Team

Photo of Naira Ambartsumyan

Naira Ambartsumyan Buyer Specialist - DRE #01986768

Photo of Lluvia Contreras-Olivera

Lluvia Contreras-Olivera Customer Care

Photo of Kristen Frost

Kristen Frost Listing Coordinator - DRE #01917049

Photo of Raquel Gomez

Raquel Gomez Executive Assistant

Photo of Deanna Goodwin Mouser

Deanna Goodwin Mouser Buyers Specialist - DRE #01923099

Photo of Brad Korb

Brad Korb CEO DRE #00698730

Photo of Courtney Korb

Courtney Korb Sales Manager - DRE #01889961

Photo of Sunny  Narang

Sunny Narang Buyer Specialist - DRE# 01966332

Photo of Cyndi  Rocha

Cyndi Rocha Client Care Representative

Photo of Josue Rosa

Josue Rosa Buyer Specialist - DRE # 02027848

Photo of Valene Sarkissian

Valene Sarkissian Buyer Specialist

Photo of Heather  Tyler

Heather Tyler Office Manager & Escrow - DRE #01355902