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Stage Your Home, WOW Your Buyers

Odds are, you're like most home sellers: you want to sell your home for the GREATEST amount of money in the LEAST amount of time. But in a real estate market as competitive as LA's market, how exactly do you do that? One of the most effective ways to get a home sold for top dollar is to make sure it shines out from the crowd with superior home staging.

Here are some low-cost and highly effective ways to make your home more appealing and really WOW your buyers.

Start on the Outside

Create curb appeal

Take a walk out to the street and study your home from a buyer's perspective. What does it really look like? Does your siding need paint? Does the roof look old and tired? Are there hanging shutters or gutters? Buyers often decide whether they'll buy a home before they even set foot inside.

Focus on landscaping

Your house looks pretty good... but what about the front yard? Even if you don't have significant landscaping or grass (we know, it's LA), any bushes or trees should be neatly trimmed. And if you've got the time to plant some shrubs, a little bit of green adds a lot!

Craft a welcoming entry

Make buyers feel welcome and eager to step inside by spending a little time on your front porch, perhaps painting the door, replacing your welcome mat, or even adding an outdoor chair or some potted flowers. Always make sure your driveway and walkways are clean and clear.

Clean & Repair

Fix, fix, fix!

Are there any lingering maintenance issues you've been avoiding? That dripping faucet, the squeaky stair, the broken lock on the bathroom door? Unfinished maintenance projects can be very deterring to buyers, so take care of them before you start to show your home.

Pare down on belongings

Make your home feel larger and roomier by getting rid of some of the stuff. That means unused pieces of furniture, old clothes still clogging up closets, stacks of papers piled on desks or countertops, knickknacks on the bookshelves... Sell, donate, or store.

Deep clean

We know, we know. Cleaning is (almost) nobody's favorite chore, but it's VERY important when selling a home. Dirt, dust, and grime are not only unappealing, they can make a home seem like it's not well cared-for, and even make buyers question if there are underlying issues.

Do Some Decoration


Before you start adding more decor, you've got to take down what's already there, particularly those things that are personal, like family photos. Your home should be neutral and appealing to all, making it easy for buyers to picture themselves in your home.

Let in the light

Good lighting is crucial to making a home inviting and appealing; most buyers aren't looking for a dark or dreary home! So open windows, increase your wattage, and turn on the lights. Natural lighting is always best, but for those rooms that don't get much, make sure they're well-lit, too.

Add light decor

A pop of color here, a seasonal wreath there, a potted plant or two... little things can make a big difference. Just be careful not to go overboard, and be sure to keep everything neutral, especially during the holiday season.

Want More LA Home Selling Tips?

The home selling process can be a bit overwhelming, but the good news is, you don't have to do it by yourself! Contact Brad Korb Real Estate Group today to learn more or get started. Or browse our Seller Resources below for more information.