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Not sure what price range you should be searching? Easily calculate your predicted monthly payments based on the prices of homes you like in Los Angeles County. To get a more specific estimate of your monthly costs, contact Brad Korb Real Estate Group today and let us do the math for you! Or take some time to learn more about buying a home in Los Angeles.

Common Mortgage Options in Los Angeles

Conventional loan

  • "Traditional" mortgage, usually 15- or 30-year terms
  • Often requires a 10% – 20% down payment
  • Usually requires high credit score, good financial history & solid income

VA loan

  • Available to most active & veteran military
  • As little as 0% down, no private mortgage insurance required
  • May require a one-time funding fee

FHA loan

  • Flexible income and credit requirements
  • As low as 3% – 5% down payment
  • Requires private mortgage insurance

USDA rural loan

  • Only available to buyers in more rural areas
  • As little as 0% down payment
  • Targets lower-income buyers

Balloon mortgage

  • Has a short loan term of 5 – 7 years but a payment based on 30 years
  • At the end of the 5 or 7 years, you must pay, refinance, or convert the loan
  • May have lower interest rates and credit requirements

Jumbo loan

  • Used to finance properties too expensive for a conforming loan (as defined by the Federal Housing Finance Agency)
  • Riskier for lenders, as the loan isn't guaranteed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
  • May have higher qualification requirements, including credit, income, and savings

CalHFA loans

  • Offer options for first-time buyers
  • May provide lower credit requirements or down payment assistance
  • May have income limits or require mortgage insurance or a buyer education course
CalHFA Loans

LACDA First Home Mortgage Program

  • Available to first-time buyers in LA County EXCEPT the city of Los Angeles
  • Offers competitive interest rates and down payment and closing cost assistance
  • Has income and purchase price limits
LACDA First Home

City of LA homebuyer assistance

  • Offers loans for low income and moderate income buyers
  • Offers up to $90,000 that can be used to cover a down payment and closing costs
  • No maximum purchase price on moderate income loans
LA Homebuyer Assistance

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